23 Beautifully Designed Staircases That Make Climbing To The Second Floor Less Annoying

Stairs don’t have to be ordinary. It turns out you can be a lot more creative with staircases than you once thought thanks to designers who, rather than dismissing stairs as an ordinary household necessity, saw the potential staircases truly have.

They make a bold statement piece in any home and even have the potential of creating more functionality and practicality in one’s home.

From hanging stairs to tree and library stairs, the possibilities of transforming a staircase are endless. We’ve created 22 stellar examples to get your creative, interior ideas flowing.

1. Hanging Stairs

Designed by: Arquitectura en Movimiento

2. Understairs Space

Designed by: Deriba Furniture

3. Tree Stairs

4. Tree Banister

Designed by: Architetture del Ferro

5. Timber Stripe Staircase

Designed by: Tetrarc

6. Vivid Staircase

Designed by: Hanne Fuglbjerg

7. Staircase In Northampton

Designed by: Philip Watts

8. Bookcase Staircase

Designed by: Levitate Architects

9. Flower Petal Staircase

Designed by: Patrick Jouin

10. Otherworldly Stairs

Designed by: Vincent Dubourg

11. Spiral Slide Staircase

12. Lace Staircase

Designed by: Dust

13. Sloping Stairs

Designed by: TAF arkitektkontor

14. Flat F.M. Stairs

Designed by: ecole

15. La Maison Unique Stairs

Designed by: Heatherwick studio

16. Steep Stairs

17. Staircase Slide Combo

Designed by: Alex Michaelis

18. Space-Saving Stairs

19. Sensualscaping Stairs

Designed by: Atmos Studio

20. Workplace Stair Unit

Designed by: Studio Mieke Meijer

21. Metal Staircase

Designed by: Francesco Librizzi

22. Library Slider Stairs

Designed by: Moon Hoon

23. Growing into the floor

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