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To Hell With Lava Lamps. These Spinning Ferrofluid Sculptures Are Way Cooler!

This mesmerizing black goo must be from some alien planet. Right…. RIGHT?! Unfortunately no, but it was originally created by NASA as a prototype for rocket fuel. It’s called RIZE, a handmade art sculpture that uses ferrofluid and magnets.

It’s the latest project from MTR-Designs, a design studio that specializes in bringing creative projects to life.

It showcases ferrofluid created by NASA by mixing RP-1 rocket fuel with magnetite particles which create the ability for fuel to fill rocket engines in zero gravity.

It wasn’t until recently that ferrofluid became available to the public. Now, we’re seeing it utilized in the latest desk distraction.

The RIZE is activated when you place the sculpture onto its magnetic base
So damn mesmerizing!


This magnetizes the giant machine screw in the middle and causes the ferrofluid to spin around and rise up in a beautiful display that will keep you mesmerized





They even come in different colors


RIZE was successfully funded on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo back in September. You can pre-order one here if you’re interested.

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