This Space-Themed Birthday Cake Reveals An Entire Universe When You Slice It

Talk about taking birthday cake decorations to intergalactic levels. This spectacular planet cake designed by Naushee, a reddit user who goes by Pedgiggle, is a multi-layered space themed birthday cake like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

As soon as you cut into this baby, planets and galaxies are revealed. A rocket ship is hand-painted on the outside of the cake before a whole new solar system is revealed once you cut in.

The cake was made for her 4-year-old son, Ilyas, and is a recipe that was truly improvised. The cake is deliberately vanilla so that drops of food coloring could create the galaxy and Milky Way swirls.

After the food coloring was dropped in, she then used a cake pop mold to swirl purple all over the cake.

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For more information on how to create your own space themed cake, check out the full instructions over on Imgur. (h/t My Modern Met)

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