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Someone Spotted This Horrid Creature On Bing Maps… Some Believe It’s Crabzilla


The town of Whitstable in Great Britain, has something dark lurking around its waters. Some think it’s a giant 50 foot long crab, while other think it’s an elaborate hoax…. a hoax known as Photoshop. The image shows what looks to be a crab, it has the characteristics, especially when zoomed in.

The photograph first appeared on a website called Weird Whitstable, which hosts a strange collection of bizarre and strange sightings around the town. What do you think? Let us known in the comments.


Could just be an oddly shaped sandbank

1413145428134_wps_52_Weird_Whitstable_Crabzill-Optimized(H/T Daily Mail)

According to the Marine Biological Association, the largest species is the Japanese spider crab which can grow up to 3.7m across, which is the size of a small car…. so who knows.

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