Someone Recreated Super Mario In Unreal Engine 4 And It Looks Amazing

I don’t know about you… but I would love for Nintendo to make a 3D Mario using the incredible gaming technology we have now. Sadly however, nothing is in the works, BUT you can check out this awesome demo YouTuber aryoksini created using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.

According to aryoksini, “here is Mario running in Unreal Engine 4, all the environment assets were taken from the Unreal marketplace, all the character actions were scripted using blueprints only, all animations were re-created from scratch as well as the PBR ready textures.”


It looks amazing! I wish Nintendo would just recreate Super Mario 64 like this and I would definitely buy it! Let us know what you think and make sure to give this a share on Facebook before you go. (h/t Reddit)

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