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Some Guy Turned His Quadcopter Into A Star Wars Speeder Bike… Because Why Not?!

Since Star Wars is hitting theaters at the end of this year — and we cannot wait — it seems appropriate to share this awesome Star Wars quadcopter. Much like the Imperial Star Destroyer that Oliver C. built…. Adam Woodworth decided to take his hobby to the next level by creating a quadcopter which looks like a stormtrooper riding a speeder bike.



Return of the Jedi is the inspiration behind the tiny camera-equipped remote control drone. This truly gives you the first person point of view being that the camera resides in the stormtroopers helmet. Woodworth used a 1999 Hasbro POTF Speederbike and merged its bits to a low-flying quadcopter…. you can check out the rest of the build here.


Now please mass produce this


See this bad boy in action


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