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Top 5 Similar Sites To SolarMovie For Streaming Movies Online

While subscription entertainment services like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix are super popular, there are several free websites where people can watch movies and television shows completely free. One of these websites is SolarMovie. It has been around for years, and has only gotten better with time.

All of the paid subscription services listed above have limited libraries of content. This is not a problem at all with this free streaming service and other websites like it.

SolarMovie has a library of movies and TV shows larger than all three of the others combined. They are always increasing their content as well.

You can watch old movies and shows, current ones, and even some movies that are still playing in the theaters. Updates are daily, and it even has the exclusive content that you are only supposed to see on the paid subscription sites.



The first striking thing you will notice is how clean it looks and how easy it is to use. It has a wonderful search function, and supplements this with a robust filtering system, to find lists of movies and TV series that are tailored specifically to your interests. Because of this filtered lists, it’s easy to find new titles you may not even have heard of, that are just perfect for you.

SolarMovie has great suggested title sections on their main page. They will show you what’s popular now with their users, as well as any recently uploaded movies or TV series episodes.

One really nice feature about is when you are binge-watching a television series. Unlike many of these free streaming sites, this one will automatically play the next episode within the series once the previous episode is finished. This is especially convenient if you are already used to the auto-play feature on Netflix.

It works by linking to the movies and television shows that are hosted on external servers. This means that once in awhile, a movie or show you are watching can become a little slow and need to buffer. However, because it usually has multiple uploads listed for every one of their titles, this can easily be fixed by switching to a different server.

Not only is online streaming service completely free, but you aren’t required to even create an account to enjoy all their wonderful content.

On a rare occasion, they might not have an episode or movie you want to watch. In this case, here are five more great similar sites to SolarMovie.




FMovies might be one of the best looking free streaming website out there when it comes to pure design aesthetics. Their signature light blue on a dark background looks very slick. And that dark background makes it really easy on the eyes compared to the bright white background that many of these free websites seem to use.

The main homepage has a suggested title section that is regularly updated with the newest and most popular titles. They have an absolutely massive library of content to choose from.

You can search for just about anything, from old movies that may be a little bit more obscure, to the latest episode of a popular television series that just aired on TV hours ago. Chances are high that they will have it.

One thing FMovies is known for is that most of their titles have a very high resolution graphic quality. The only exception to the high resolution is for titles that are still in theaters and were filmed with a phone or a camera in the theater.

The audio quality of content is also better than most.




With many free streaming sites that are listed here, they sometimes run into having problems getting their domain shutdown and then having to re-open on a new domain name extension. Rainierland is one of these websites that have had many ups and downs.

Like SolarMovie, Rainierland is completely free to use, and it does not require an account to be made in order to enjoy their content. The website looks clean, while some other websites can easily become cluttered with too many options and an overabundance of title suggestions.

The only downside is that the library is lacking compared to FMovies. There are a lot of popular shows listed, but currently it’s hard to find any older titles or newer but less popular ones. There is also a severe lack of title filtering compared to other streaming sites.

Only a simple search feature and a browse button with limited categories to choose from. This may change soon, so keep your eye on it as they increase their library size after bouncing back from their most recent domain shut down. For now, simply consider it a backup option when your other favorite streaming site is down.



123Movies is likely the oldest free streaming website on this list. They’ve been through several domain name shutdowns and had to bounce back from them with new domain names. However, 123Movies has bounced back a little better with their large library of content still completely available.

If you have used them in the past, you may have noticed it’s design looking different than it used to. This is most likely due to the same shutdowns and rebirths that have been mentioned. The design looks fine, but with the redesign some of the search and title filtering options have been simplified quite a bit.

This may not be that big a deal for users that are just looking for a specific movie or television series. However, for a user that wants to have suggestions to choose from based on custom filters, it is a little disappointing.

Despite this simplified navigation and filtering system, this streaming giant still remains one of the most reliable free online streaming websites. It seems to come back online under a different domain extension faster than other free streaming sites after an unfortunate shutdown.




Popcornflix is similar to other streaming websites that have been talked about so far in the sense that it is free and does not require an account to watch the content. However, there seems to be a much larger focus on older movie titles and random TV shows.

There is not nearly as wide of a variety of content, and if you’re looking for a specific title, you’re in for a bit of disappointment.

This website seems to have a distribution deal worked out. This means that while they are extremely limited with their library, it seems more legitimate.

Because of this, it is unlikely they will have any problems with shutdowns or domain name changes. This should allow them room to grow and improve without needing to worry about these unexpected changes.

There are some rare gems in their movie database. While this website may not be your primary site for watching the latest blockbuster or binge-watching that show everyone is talking about, it’s a nice little site to browse and find an old movie you loved when you were younger and enjoy it for nostalgia’s sake.

They do have an option to create an account that includes extra features.




Unlike SolarMovie, MovieWatcher is one of the sites to be cautious of when looking for free online streaming websites to enjoy. These are questionable sites that look clean and polished at first glance, with all the latest, popular titles a click away.

However, they seem to only host the trailers. When choosing to watch something, there is no obvious way to watch any full movies or television shows. Unfortunately, these kinds of sites are very common online, and that’s why it’s best to stick to one or two of the veteran free streaming sites that are listed above.

Anytime you try to watch a movie, it just redirects the user to a random external website that is very shady. Likely this is just for affiliate commissions that MovieWatcher is trying to collect. The risk here is you don’t know what kind of harm these external sites can do to your device.

It’s true that many free streaming websites have similar affiliate link advertisements, but this is in addition to actually having the movie or TV show to watch, not in place of it. It’s possible they’ll grow to become a proper site like those listed above, but avoid it for now.

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