Guy Invents A Solar-Powered 3D Printer That Prints Glass Out Of Sand

Markus Kayser, a former design student at the Royal College of Art, has invented an amazing 3D printer that harnesses the power of the sun and sand as raw energy and material to create glass objects.

Dubbed the Solar Sinter, Kayser tested out his awesome invention in the Egyptian desert where the sun quite plentiful.

When silica sand is heated to its melting point and then cooled down, it creates glass. This is what’s known as sintering, using heat to transform a powdery substance to solid.

Sintering is one of the main processes behind 3D printing.

According to Kayser, “the machine and the results of these first experiments presented here represent the initial significant steps toward what I envisage as a new solar-powered production tool of great potential.”

You can check out more information about this project along with additional pictures here.

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