So That’s What That Extra Shoelace Hole Is For… How Did I Not Know This?!

Have you ever wondered what that second hole was for on your running shoes… as you were tying? I’ve pretty much just always ignored it…until now. If you were ever curious about that, Illumiseen has the answers you’ve been waiting for.

You’ve probably noticed this hole



It’s called the “lace lock” or the “heal lock” and it actually never starts by crossing your shoe laces, it starts by going to the outside of the shoes to the holes we’ve always ignored. This will help to prevent blisters and keep your feet from moving around from inside your shoe….

So if you’re an avid runner, or if you ever plan on climbing Hawaii’s notoriously illegal ‘Stairway to Heaven’, then this little trick is something you’re going to really love.

It’s for the lace lock

Screenshot (93)-Optimized

Prevents foot blisters

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Here’s how to do it

Did you know!? Now the next time your lacing up those brand new running shoes, remember this awesome little trick!

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