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So Floating Plants Are Now Actually A Thing, And It’s Pretty Cool

What’s cooler than a plant? A levitating plant! It’s taken Swedish scientist Simon Morris over a year of experimenting with levitating plants to perfect this system called LYFE.

The plant hovers over an oak base that is powered by strong magnetism.

An invisible force field keeps the plant suspended in thin air while turning slowly to allow an equal amount of sunlight to reach all sides.

Each plant is modernly designed in geodesic forms paired with a simple base as not to take away from the design.


Plants require sunlight and our LYFE planters are designed to rotate in mid-air, allowing an even distribution on sunlight on all parts of the plants.


The product development team from Flyte carefully engineered the planter to allow for drainage to mitigate against over-watering and maximise airflow.



The LYFE will run you about $199 and is expected to ship in September







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