This Smoke Filled Ice Ball Cocktail Is The Coolest Drink You’ll Ever Make

Here’s a cool way to make a “smoke bomb” cocktail using ice and smoke (and of course, some liquor).

Cocktail Chemistry produces really cool effects and takes drinking alcohol to epic proportions.

Once you crack open the ice full of smoke, the effect is magnificent.

This trend of experimental Cocktail Chemistry is becoming a delicious art form.

Do you have any Cocktail Chemistry recipes to share?

What you’ll need

Screenshot (882)

And a hollow ice ball (see link below on how to make this)

Screenshot (888)

Make the cocktail and set it aside

Screenshot (883)

Use your stove to lite wood chip

Screenshot (884)

Place funnel over wood chip

Screenshot (885)

Fill the ice ball with smoke

Screenshot (886)

Pour and break

Check it out!

Now check out this video that shows you how to easily create a hollow ice ball.

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