Owner Pretends To Throw Ball, And Captures The Exact Moment Dog Realizes He Was Betrayed

Anuko the absolutely adorable Siberian husky was not at all amused when owner Jasmine Milton pretended to throw a ball.

The betrayed dog’s priceless facial expression was captured on camera by Milton, a psychology student from the U.K..

According to Milton, in an interview with Woman’s Day, “I got Anuko shortly after I was treated with having depression, and ever since Anuko has lifted any downs I’ve ever had.

He’s forced me to go out when all I want to do is lay in bed. He’s made me laugh when nobody else was able to, and now he’s making the rest of the world laugh.

He’s my hero and definitely more than just a pretty face!”



He’s well known for looking quite grumpy…


… But also for being just as cute!


You can keep up and see more of Anuko over at his Facebook and Instagram pages. Anuko is now involved with husky training on the Snow Dog Guru website.

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