21 People Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online

Online shopping can be a huge gamble for people. You never know what the internet might deliver to your door.

You thought you were getting one thing and are totally hit by surprise when that one item is anything but what you had in mind.

While you lost to knockoff brands you found on the internet, the internet won at your expense. Take a look at this gallery filled with hilarity and surprise. They experienced an online shopping nightmare so you don’t have to!

1. Note To Self: Check The Dimensions Of Everything Before Ordering On Amazon


2. Ordered Black Sweatpants, Received These Instead. I’m Not Even Mad


3. The Hiking Boots I Ordered Online Look A Little Different Than The Picture They Provided


4. My Boss Bought 50 Chairs In An Online Auction. It Wasn’t Until We Went To Pick Them Up That We Realized It Was At An Elementary School


5. We Ordered An “M” Balloon. Thanks, PartyCity


6. I Ordered Some Tights For Halloween Online. I Didn’t Check The Size And It Turns Out They Were A Bit Too Small


7. Bought This Shirt Online, So Far, I’ve Been Getting A Lot Of Weird Looks


8. My Buddy Ordered A 1/2-Inch Solenoid Valve From Amazon, Received A 7-Foot Tall Teddy Bear. They Played Air Hockey On Xbox


9. Ordered A Custom Family Photo Ornament. Received One With A Random Asian Family And Photoshopped Added Penguins. Not Even Mad


10. Probably Wasn’t A Good Idea To Purchase This TV From Unreliable Vendors
Sulit De-senyo

11. There Was An Angle I Didn’t Get To See When Ordering My New Work Boots


12. Buying Clothing Online From China


13. Ordered Jordan’s Online…. LOL


14. My Dad Ordered A Fryer, But Amazon Sent Him A Cotton Candy Machine Instead. Sadly, This Is The Highlight Of My Yea


15. Girlfriend Ordered A Jacket From Target, Got This Instead. They Don’t Even Have This Item In Their Inventory


16. I Ordered A Desk Lamp From Amazon. I Should Have Read The Specs More Carefully


17. I Got A Fake Sharpie. It’s A Skerple


18. This backpack

danny mellor

19. A TV stand

Brenda Blancarte

20. Oh my….


21. This Christmas coffee mug


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