Surreal And Bizarre Shoe Sculptures That Are Definitely Not Made For Walking

It’s safe to say these shoes weren’t made for walking. Tel-Aviv-based artist, Costa Magarakis, designs the most peculiar (to say the least) shoe sculptures we’ve ever seen.

The artist describes his work as a “gothic wonderland illuminating the gray area between truth and lies.” While they aren’t made for walking, they do tell the stories of gothic wonderlands.

“I often find archetypes in old children’s books and toys,” Magarakis says. “I am attracted to things that evoke memories from childhood. The grotesque and the unknown are all important themes in the body of my work. I try to express something from my inner mind.”

From octopus tentacles to skeletons, scorpions, and miniature people, there’s a bit of a Tim Burton draw to them all.

You can check out more of Magarakis’s amazing creations and art over on his website.

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