She Started Tracing Her Hand With A Pencil, And When She Finished… Simply Awesome


Not all of us are artistic, including me. Therefore, in a cool little video you can now pretend to be. Here is how to draw your hand in 3D. It’s pretty cool and easy. It’s also kid friendly.

All you need
1. Piece of paper
2. Handful of markers
3. Your hand

This optical illusion works by taking advantage of the way our eyes process visual information. Many neurons for vision are specifically keyed into looking at how edges are oriented. That information is used to build the shape of an object. The sudden breaks in the straight lines is what makes your eyes believe it’s seeing a 3D image.

(H/T SF Globe)

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Ready for another one?

Screenshot (386)Who Needs A Cutting Board When You Have A Real-life Fruit Ninja… Holy Crap!

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