25 Funny Shadows That Look Like Something Completely Different

Here’s an awesome gallery of shadows taking on a life of their own. Who would have thought ordinary shadows could transform into the most random of objects?

From a dog with a creepy shadow to the Rocky Mountains, city skylines, and optical illusions stemming from an old building, all of them will shock you and play tricks on your mind.

It may take a minute for some to become apparent, but when you finally see it you can’t un-see it. I mean, check out the Rambo on a garage door!


credit: livejamie

2. Shadow from dirt on window looks like mountains

credit: maybeimnotlying

3. This fence has a piano shadow

credit: mattythedog

4. City skyline from cargo ship

credit: imageBROKER


credit: SandwichAuThon

6. Unicorn

credit: 3_pac

7. Dragon

credit: Kirit_SC

8. Labrador

credit: MuchoGrande


credit: DHSVlip

10. Shadow from palm tree and lamp post looks like a lion

credit: imagepoem

11. Optical illusion from windows

credit: Mouse_fighter


credit: AlphaPlutonium

13. Batman

credit: ripripripriprip

14. Harambe

credit: PrimalMusk

15. Pen made from recycled water bottles casts a shadow of a water bottle

credit: Tyler__Harris

16. Pegs on a clothes line looks like  rock band

credit: General_Specific86


credit: themattsquared


credit: vxee


credit: Rushmerphotography

20. Curtain made a shadow that looked like a car

credit: Pusa

21. Rambo is that you?


22. This bridge in London

credit: Olly Denton

23. Hi

credit: TXStateofMind

24. Bird / Fish

credit: likk

25. This dog made a cat shaped shadow

credit: xnekokuro

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