Artist Incredibly Carves Hidden Booby Traps And Secret Levers Into Coins

Russian artist Roman Booteen creates tantalizing coins filled with mystery and traps and we can’t get enough of them.

Booteen carefully carves each “Hobo Nickel” out of a silver U.S. dollar and/or a Morgan dollar to create a custom engraved coin with secret doors and jaw and gold traps. Perhaps removing a knight’s sword from the coin or reaching for the gold isn’t as innocent as it looks though Booteen says you have nothing to worry about; the traps aren’t strong enough to cause any harm.

If you care to get your hands on some of the enticing coins, Booteen is known for listing them on eBay where they’ve easily sold for as much as $10,000.

Check out the video it’s really cool

Booteen unfortunately does not do custom orders and no one coin are ever the same. The coins typically sale out within hours so you better get in line quick if you really want one. You can contact him over on Facebook if you’re interested.

More info: Roman Booteen

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