This Secluded Library In The Woods Is Every Book Lover’s DREAM

Nothing pairs better with winter than hot beverages, crackling fires, comfy pyjamas, and great novels.

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate winter escape, look no further, we’ve found the perfect spot for you.

Nestled between woods and snow in New York State lies a cozy sanctuary and a book lover’s dream. The secluded library was designed by StudioPADRON and has been dubbed the Hemmelig Rom, Norwegian for “secret room.”

It’s about 2,000 feet and comes equipped with a bed, armchair, desk, and a woodburning stove to keep warm. And of course, the best part about the room is that it’s surrounded by books! Who wouldn’t love to spend a night here?!

Hemmelig Rom or “secret room” is a secluded library and guest house in upstate New York
It’s made from oak trees and surrounded by oak trees
The gaps between the oak logs inside form the bookshelves
A wood-burning stove keeps you cozy while you curl up with a novel
Wouldn’t you love to spend a night there?

For inquires into this place you can get in touch with Studio Padron. If you thought this looked amazing, wait until you see the most beautiful library on the planet!

h/t Mashable

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