Artist Depicts Man Breathing From The Last Tree On Earth

Sculptor, painter, and São Paulo born street artist Will Ferreira is showcasing his masterful street art and sculptures.

Ferreira’s sobering portraits portray the evolution of man and his decline, his environmental degradation in the name of progress and greed. The depictions display stoic human beings lacking any kind of human emotion, programmed as lifeless machines.

Ferreira did an interview with Unfamous Resistenza about a year ago… Here are a few snippets from the interview.

“This character is called ” Híbrido ” his mask means that at any moment, we must wear a mask, not by malice, but to survive in our system, in a society where we need different masks for each of the situations we are facing every day.”

“I really started to put myself at the age of 15. Following a long hospitalization, I realized that could develop my pencil stroke. After some time drawing on paper, I started drawing on other surfaces, panels, screens … Gradually, I was creating a visual language, based on my own experiences it’s my studies, my inspirations.

My work expresses my doubts and fascinations, I let the image convey a symbolic message to the public.”

Each one of his sculptures takes between 50 and 60 hours to complete








“I think the human invades everything and becomes programmable, wanting to outdo his human life with the ability of technological developments, withdrawing life and replacing them with machines, up in its habitat, disfiguring our personalities, disfiguring our planet with this thirst for power and this oversized ego.”

His amazing street art below







OTrabalhador Quebrado 70X70 2014

Super Rico 60X80 2013


Will Ferreira


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h/t unfamousresistenza – Art by Will Ferreira

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