This Massive Scrap Metal Hulk Is Pretty Damn Incredible

What’s better than a green Incredible Hulk? A scrap metal Incredible Hulk of course.

BanHunLek of Thailand is the mastermind behind this incredibly detailed Hulk made of scrap metal and has quite the reputation for pulling off art like this. His past works include the Terminator, Star Wars, Transformers, and Aliens.

The attention to detail right down to the the character’s facial expressions is remarkable. On his website, Old Steel Art, BanHunLek showcases similar works that include a replica of none other than Godzilla.

Each life-sized figure is comprised of old nuts, bolts, spark plugs, screws, and auto parts shaped by insanely talented wilders using “just a normal electric welding technique.” If you fancy one these scrap metal heroes — or villains — each metal art work is available to order.

Smaller Green Version

Be sure to check out BanHunLek’s Facebook and there website Old Steel Art for more information!

h/t: Kotaku

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