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These 13 Scary Sounds Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Scary sounds can make your knees weak, your heart race and bring on a serious case of the chills. They can completely transform a movie with frightening sounds that cause jump scares that send popcorn flying into the air.

Honestly, what’s a good scary movie without some freaky sound leading up to scary plots? Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without its signature frightening theme song.

If you’re into eerie sounds, you’re going to love this gallery filled with them. Maybe you’re looking for some scary sounds for your next Halloween party, or maybe you’re just into this sort of thing. Whatever it might be, you’ll appreciate the ghostly sounds below.

The best way to listen to these 13 scary sounds is to close your eyes, dim the lights, and turn the volume way up.

1. Saturn

The Cassini spacecraft has been detecting intense radio emissions from the planet Saturn, and according to NASA they come from the planet’s aurorae, where magnetic field lines thread the polar regions. The sound you hear has been converted to human hearing and compressed in time.

2. This recording from 1860

The Phonautograph Recording from 1860 of ‘Au Clair de la Lune’ . This is the first known recording of a human voice.

3. The Bloop

Unexplained noises from the bottom of the ocean.

4. Julia

Recorded in 1999, this is another unexplained series of noises from the bottom of the ocean, and  recorded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

5. The Wandering Soul

This is an actual audio mix the US military used during the Vietnam War against the North Vietnamese, in an attempt to scare the enemy into submission.

6. Nuclear Attack Warning

Experience what it would actually be like if a nuclear attack against the US were imminent. Turn your sound up. (Skips to 5:15)

7. The sounds of Jupiter

Another NASA recorded sound, this time from Jupiter…. Very chilling.

8. Russian station UVB-76

This is from a Russian Number Station which broadcasts a single buzzing, monotonous note 25 times a minute every hour. What’s so bizarre about this is that it’s been going on since 1987.

9. Tornado warning Chicago

Ultra creepy tornado warning siren in Chicago.

10. Sounds of Mercury

More creepy sounds from our planets… this time from Mercury.

11. Dial-up 700% slower

Old dial up sound slowed down by 700%.

12. Terrifying hurricane sound in Galveston, TX

Randy Flinders recorded this on the 11th floor of Galveston’s San Luis Resort Hotel as Ike’s eyewall passed over and through the building.

13. Schizophrenic

A representation of the auditory hallucinations (hearing voices) experienced by a Schizophrenic.

If you thought these were creepy don’t forget to check out these creepy space sounds NASA recorded.

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