San Francisco Is Unbelievably Expensive, And These New Images Show Just How Outrageous It Is


California in its self is an expensive state to live in, but San Francisco….. is just outrageous.

While San Francisco is absolutely gorgeous with its beaches and nice weather, it’s becoming extremely unaffordable to live there. It was even named TripAdvisor’s priciest travel destination for 2014.

To give you a better understanding of the cost of living in San Francisco, designer Annalisa van der Bergh and photographer Sierra Hartman of The Bold Italic have created a simply graph using food to compare prices. Basically, the left picture shows what you can get in San Francisco, and the right pictures shows what you can get in another city for the same price. (They collected the data from Lovely)


Notice that with $3,200 you can’t get very much in San Francisco, compared to the $3,200 in North Issaquah, Washington. It’s pretty incredible when you think about it.



bfcb65a2-357d-43e3-8711-e988dd4beaf7_medium(H/T Aplus)

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