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This Company Makes Samurai Armor For Cats And Dogs, And It’s The Cutest Damn Thing

Your four-legged pet can now mimic the middle and upper Japanese echelons of the warrior class.

Samurai Age, a company based in Fukuoka, Japan, has finally invented samurai armor for your dog and cat companions.

They come in different sizes and vary in price starting at $125 (so worth it).

Each piece of armor is modeled after the armor worn by warriors of the Sengoku and Sanada Yukimura period (“Age of Warring States”).

This was a brutal time in Japanese history when social and political upheaval triggered constant warfare.

All of your cat and dog armor needs may be purchased on their website and come in legendary designs.

One Japanese company just created something the world desperately needed…

Samurai armor for cats and dogs!

Samurai Age offers standardized armor sized for cats and small dogs

But they can also accommodate your little four-legged samurai’s individual needs

You can get an armor for your pet for somewhere between $125 to $146

The company will also sell sets made after armor worn by the legendary Japanese samurais

For example, Sengoku hero Sanada Yukimura

What are you waiting for? Your pet will be honored to serve

Prices range, depending on the size of your pet, from ($125) to ($146). Check out their Facebook page or website to purchase.

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