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Unleash Rubbery Fury With This Badass Fully Automatic Rubber Band Minigun

Unleash rubbery hell with this insanely cool rubber band minigun by the geniuses over at Weaponized T-Rex!

Based on the design of the Gatling Gun, this fully automatic beauty made from wood, shoots an incredible 144 shots and can be loaded in a matter of minutes.

The rubber band gun has 12 barrels, has an all wood body powered by an electric motor, and has specifically designed easy loading mechanism.

The minigun was fully funded in December with 2,974 backers raising an incredible $316,442 over on Kickstarter!

Behold the Rubber Band Minigun

And yes, it DOES come in black!

It comes in both kit and assembled versions

If you want to build it yourself you’re looking at roughly 1-2 hours build time. Which could be a fun little project especially if it’s for one of your kids!

They’re currently doing 40% over on Indiegogo with shipping is slatted from March of 2020!

More info: Weaponized T-Rex

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