Rosetta Captured This Mysterious Sound From Comet 67-P, And It’s Absolutely Creepy


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (no pun intended) you probably heard that Philae made history when it landed on comet 67-P. But you may not have heard this….. Something quite creepy is going on with comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko 67P, but it’s incredibly interesting none the less.

This mysterious sound was picked up by one of Rosetta’s instruments designed to analyse the comet’s magnetic field. The sound you hear in the video below is a result of oscillations in the magnetic field surrounding the comet…… It almost sounds like the Predator from the movie.

(H/T DailyMail)

The clicking noises weren’t actually audible for humans because it was registering far below human hearing levels, but scientists were able to increase the frequencies about 10,000 times so you could hear it.

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