This DIY Secret Wood Bowl Looks Absolutely Magical

Peter Brown is a self-proclaimed “geek with a full set of power tools” who is teaching the internet how to create awesome DIY projects.

In a recent video posted to his YouTube channel, he wowed us with his effortless skills as he creates a stunning, rugged looking resin bowl using walnut wood and blue epoxy (polyester resin).

Although he makes the project look easy, you still need some heavy duty tools to complete it. Luckily, he documented the process in photographs on Imgur as well.

“When I first got into woodworking I mass produced pens, bowls, boxes, bottle stoppers and anything else I could sell for a profit,” he writes.  “That revenue built my shop but it also stole my joy. Now my shop time is just for fun!”

Brown has certainly come a long way from mass producing pens, bowls, boxes, and bottle stoppers. If you want to get some DIY inspiration, check out his website to see his latest projects.

He started by cutting one inch strips of wood

Smashing the ends to give them a jagged effect

After assembling the jagged strips, epoxy resin was poured on them

Brown hollowed and sanded the wood and resin into a bowl

Adding a little polish


Check it out

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You can check out more from Peter Brown over on: YouTube | Instagram | Facebook (h/t My Modern Met)

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