10 Tons Of Cement Poured Into An Ant Colony And Excavated Reveals Giant Megalopolis

You might have seen what happens when you pour aluminum into an ant hill, but you’ve probably never seen anything quite like this.

A professor and a team of researchers decided to excavate a giant abandoned ant hill. The final amount equaled 10 tons of cement over a three day period. After waiting one month, they started to dig to reveal how deep the ant colony really was.

The complexity and structure of this ant metropolis seems as though it was created by architects but was actually done collectively by ants, and the result is simply stunning.

This thing is no joke, it’s even mind boggling to think about.

I mean take the the Army Ant (Ecitron Burchelli) of South America for instance, they can have as many as 700,000 members in their colony.

Ant Colony Structure

The ants in the colony moved 40 tons of soil

Screenshot (325)-Optimized

The structure is incredibly complex

Screenshot (326)-Optimized

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