Rescue Goat Suffering From Anxiety Only Calms Down In Her Duck Costume

Stricken with anxiety, Polly, a rescue goat, lived under a shadow of constant distress. Afflicted by blindness, neurological disorders, and dangerously low body weight, her world was one filled with relentless worry.

However, everything transformed in an unexpected way when her owner purchased a simple duck costume from the kid’s section at Marshall’s. It was a small act that unknowingly ignited a dramatic change in Polly’s life-transforming her from a bundle of nerves to a creature of serene tranquility.

Leanne Lauricella from Goats of Anarchy recalls this remarkable turn of events to The Dodo, “The moment I dressed her in that costume, an immediate calm washed over her.”

Previously, Polly was a nerve-wracked creature, always frantically searching for Lauricella if she was out of sight, bellowing her distress into the void. She had other peculiar habits born of anxiety, like sucking on the corners of the walls in their home. Lauricella shares, “Our home corners are all marked with tiny suction spots from her mouth.”

But those harrowing days of anxiety are now consigned to the past, all thanks to a whimsical duck outfit. Lauricella sheds light on this peculiarly soothing effect, “There’s something inherently soothing about that duck costume for her. She retreats into a peaceful trance. Her eyes gently close, and she’s adrift in a world where her fears no longer exist.”

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h/t: thedodo

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