Artist Makes A Giant Raven Costume Entirely By Hand, And It Looks So Badass

Hillary Esdaile, who goes by the name Rah-Bop, is an illustrator and video game artist from Seattle who has created the most epic raven costume you’ve ever seen.

“Since I get the impression it’s acceptable to dress up as an animal person at AC I took the opportunity to make a costume out of Rue, my D&D character, which I’ve been wanting to do for a while,” says Rah-Bop. The attention to detail is pretty insane.



You can check out more of her awesome work at over on Tumblr and follow her on Twitter. You can even check out the entire Raven costume tutorial here!

If you thought that was awesome check out this guys insane 3D printed batsuit that Bruce Wayne would be jealous of.

h/t: Designyoutrust

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