IKEA Shares How To Make 6 Types Of Creative Furniture Forts During Quarantine

Quarantine has certainly afforded us much time we otherwise wouldn’t have had thanks to the grind of everyday life.

Creativity due to a decrease of worldly pressures and an increase in leisure has given license to untapped creative potential.

Take IKEA Russia, for example. The company just shared how to make six types of furniture forts while quarantining for kids. After nearly nine weeks, kids become increasingly bored, and the need for stimulating activities is a godsend for exhausted parents who are looking after them.

The campaign was created by Instinct Creative Agency based in Moscow and features instructions for kids on how to construct six different house models. People seem to be loving the project because many have already shared pictures of their complete forts online.

In a press release emailed to Retail Dive, Instinct Creative, said “Parents no longer know how else they can entertain their children being stuck inside the four walls.”

“To those who are totally out of all ideas, IKEA Russia offers to build a [playhouse] using instruction and things which can be [easily] found in every home – blankets, bedspreads, chairs, stools etc. Or you can buy them in IKEA!”

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h/t Ad Week

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