This New Dynamic Projection Mapping On A Moving Surface Is So Cool

Technically, cloth is a “deforming non-rigid surface,” so projecting a stable image onto clothes is a big technological challenge. So to solve this issue, Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory combined two new techniques that allow stable projection of an image onto clothes even as they move.

“We realize dynamic projection mapping onto deforming non-rigid surface based on two original technologies.

The first technology is a high-speed projector ‘DynaFlash’ that can project 8-bit images up to 1,000 fps with 3 ms delay.

The second technology is a high-speed non-rigid surface tracking at 1,000 fps.


Since the projection and sensing are operated at a speed of 1,000 fps, a human cannot perceive any misalignment between the dynamically-deforming target and the projected images.

Especially, focusing on new paradigms in the field of user interface and fashion, we have demonstrated dynamic projection mapping onto a deformed sheet of paper and T-shirt.

Also we show that projection to multiple targets can be controlled flexibly by using our recognition technique.”

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