Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Power Plant Looks Like Something Out Of A Sci-Fi Dystopia

Nestled in the tiny neighborhood of Monceau-sur-Sambre lies an abandoned power plant. This apocalyptic-like place is located in the Belgian town of Charleroi where astonishing old cooling towers that once provided energy gaze over a town.

Originally constructed in 1921, this power plant was once the largest coal-burning power plant in all of Belgium. Power Plant IM was in operation until 2007 after protests from Greenpeace shut it down due to the plant producing 10 percent of the total carbon dioxide emissions in Belgium.

Today the old plant remains closed and protected by security guards after reports of looting for metal scraps were reported. Some photographers have managed to sneak in and take photographs of the moss-coated entrails.

1photo: Andrea S

2photo: Lennart Tange

3photo: Delphine Savat

4photo: Andrea S



photo: Jamie Visser

6photo: Lennart Tange

Control center



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h/t Slate

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