Post-It War Between Two Office Buildings Ends With This Epic Finale

An innocent post it notes war between offices in New York City began with a simple, “Hi.” Post-it notes are a staple in every office and what would an office really be without them?

The epic post-it saga began when an employee at Harrison and Star posted a simple “hi” on their office window and waited patiently for a response from the building across the street.

The office across the street responded with “sup” however things didn’t end here.

Given that both buildings are occupied by marketing and media agencies, the creative inhabitants couldn’t resist getting in on the post-it action.

Soon, the windows turned into funny messages and pictures until one office ended things with a spectacular finale.

I bet both HR departments were wondering why the hell their offices were going through post-its so quickly.

Everything started with an innocent “HI” on the 6th floor at 75 Varick Street in NYC


Soon, “Sup” appeared on a building from across the street at 200 Hudson


As both buildings had a lot of media and marketing agencies, it eventually turned into WAR


The windows started filling up with funny pictures and messages


Somebody made a Snapchat icon


Others took a more random approach


Even the Angry Birds got involved!


Post-it manufacturer 3M also joined the war by providing free ammunition (i.e Post-it notes!)


As the war got more creative, it seemed that nobody would win


Not even Spiderman could stop it!


With no other option, Havas Worldwide brought the war to an end with this epic mic drop



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