These Cool Shape-Shifting ‘Origami’ Pots Grow As Your Plant Does

Designed by London-based Studio Ayaskan, this innovative plant pots design called Growth might just revolutionize the entire industry.

Inspired by the Japanese art of origami, these pots will grow as your plant grows, expanding to accommodate more soil and a wider root network.

According to Bike and Begum Ayaskan, “The plant pots are made up of polypropylene. A mesh, made up the same material is then attached to the base, allowing the water to drain out. The facades of the pot are then folded into its initial stage, ready for a plant to be potted. The material is very resilient”

They are currently in discussion with manufacturers to get Growth into production, and are aiming to have them ready in the months ahead.


The carefully calculated origami patterns unfold over time, thus expanding the pot as the plant grows


“To come up with correct origami pattern we initially started out with experimenting with a lot of origami patterns.

Once we chose the pattern we were working with, we had to figure out the trigonometry behind the shape so we calculated the ratios that would give us the exact shape we wanted”






For more information about these cool expanding pots check them out here.

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