This Cool Time-Lapse Of Pills Dissolving In Water Is Eerily Beautiful

Oftentimes, we take over-the-counter medicines without thinking twice about what actually happens to them after we’ve ingested them.

In a new YouTube channel called the Macro Room, we explore in close detail precisely what happens when ordinary otc pills are left to soak in water.

Check out how they colorfully breakdown in fluid ways.


“I used 2 macro lenses, Canon MP-E 65 for the closest range shots, Canon 100mm L for the medium range, and Canon 50mm 1.4 for the surrounding shots. In some shots I also used the Genie timelapse controller to spin the base of the pills tank while the camera stood still, this technique adds real motion and reveals a deeper view of the scene,” Ben said for PetaPixel.


Medical pills dissolve in water under macro lens




Here’s Advil



Check it out!

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