Dude Takes A Selfie Every Day From Age 12 To His Wedding Day

Hugo Cornellier took a photo every day from the time he was twelve until the day he got married — eight and a half years worth of selfies, long before the term was ever popular. Cornellier captured his entire adolescence, and never skipped a beat.

Talk about a serious amount of discipline. Can you commit to taking a picture of yourself every day for eight years? Cornellier said he got the idea from a project in an early YouTube video and committed to photographing himself each and every day.

“I would take my laptop everywhere my family went. Whether it was a holiday or to visit family for a few days, I always had to take my photo every single day, no matter what,” he told Daily Mail Online.

“It all started because my dad bought a time-lapse camera. I’d seen similar videos but I realized no one had done it to document their teenage years,” he said.

Cornellier’s eight-year journey ends at his wedding although he said he plans on continuing his daily selfies for as long as he can.

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