Mysterious Perfectly Spherical Cloud Captured Hovering Over Japan

Folks in Fujisaw (Tokyo’s southern border) captured an incredible spherical cloud and took to social media where the image quickly garnered several comments and retweets wondering how the cloud morphed into a perfect, spherical shape.

It was so perfect that many began questioning its authenticity, understandably.

One individual consulted a cloud expert who says the cloud is actually called a “roll cloud” which, according to the expert, “…forms under wind created from a ‘mountain wave’ (or air streams going over mountains) on a windy day.” Sea breezes and general cold fronts also cause roll clouds to form, but this spherical cloud captured below is probably one of the most surprising.

Check out what people dubbed the “globe cloud” below.

perfect-spherical-cloud-fujisawa-japan-1Image credits: pmxpvrtmx

2Image credits: NicoSpqy9ba9

3Image credits: hanabusa_haru

4Image credits: NicoSpqy9ba9






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