Guy Hilariously Turns His Roommate’s Mess Into A “Passive Aggressive Art Gallery”

If you had the chance to act passively aggressive toward a messy roommate — without starting World War III — how would you do it?

When one clever roommate decided to shine the light on a his roomie’s dirty habits, things got unexpectedly artistic.

In a sly and passive-aggressive gallery, Justin Cousson managed to turn his messy roomie’s mannerisms into works of art — price tags and all. Rotten and rancid milk? $700! Week-old spoon covered in sour cream and left in a sink for a week? $3400!

Each hilarious art fixture comes with a brutally honest description, too. Check out the gallery for yourselves.

1. “Cheese Knife”; Mixed-Media, 2017
2. “A Monument To A Vanquished Paper Towel Roll Or New Rolls Are (Arrow Pointing Downward) But Bending Down Is Hard”; Mixed-Media, 2017
3. “Clothes Left In Dryer Overnight, Then Another Night, Then…”; Mixed-Media, 2017
4. “Sour Cream-Covered Spoon Left In Sink Before Leaving Town For Four Days”; Mixed-Media (Metal, Porcelain, Sour Cream, Filth) 2017
5 .”Shoes On Shoe Rack (Nearly)”; Mixed-Media, 2017
6. “Choose Your Weapon (Or, Midnight Snack)”; Mixed-Media, 2017
7. “Forgotten Milk, Left To Actively Go Rancid In Fridge Far Beyond Sell-By Date”; Mixed-Media
8. “Boxes Left On Couch Because What Even *is* Breaking Them Down And Recycling Or Even Leaving Them Not On The Couch”; Mixed-Media, 2017
9. “Knife Left Out On Counter In Striking Distance Of Knife Block, Having Been Only Used To Remove Seal Of Ice Cream Carton, Which Was Also Left On Counter, Leaving Quite The Sight As The Last Thing I Saw Before I Gratefully Left Town For Two Weeks”; Mixed-Media, 2017

10. Value Of “Forgotten Milk, Left To Actively Go Rancid In Fridge Far Beyond Sell-By Date” Grew Over Time (From 700$ To 900$)

You can follow Cousson on Twitter, and check out more of his work on his website.

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