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17 Parents Describe Their Kids’ Creepy Imaginary Friends

Kids say the darndest things… and in this instance, the creepiest things. Imaginary friends could just be a phase kids go through, or it can actually be something a little more sinister.

Will we ever really know? Probably not.

One mother on Reddit’s AskReddit sub, decided to ask what the creepiest thing someone ever hear their child say about imaginary friends.

Regardless if some of these are made up, they’re still freaky enough to make you think.


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When my younger brother was around 4, he had an imaginary friend named Victoria Meadowbrooke. He told us that she was the prettiest girl ever and she floated above his bed a night.


When my kid was 4, we were watching a docu on the Titanic. The scene was a picture of the schematics of the boiler room and the camera panned from left to right over the plans. He pointed at the tv and said, “That’s wrong. The boilers were on the Other side. And I was right here.” And he pointed to a small space in the boiler room. “That’s where I was. And that’s why I don’t like water now.”


My wife and i overheard my 2year daughter on the baby monitor wake up on Saturday morning and say “what? OK I’ll tell her” then get up and come into our bedroom and told my wife “Mary says you’re doing a good job.” Mary was her grandmother that she was extremely close too that passed away.

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