Artist Swirls Colorful Scrolls Of Paper Into Stunningly Beautiful Designs

It’s hard to believe that all the works of art in the gallery below are made out of paper. Sena Runa is an artist based in Lisbon, Turkey, who designs intricate and ornate objects purely out of paper.

From designing a piano to designing a butterfly, telephone, or doll-like house using pastel colors and ordinary objects, the final product is always superb.

It isn’t exactly origami but if you had to categorize it, then consider this the Ferrari of origami. Each end result is absolutely hypnotizing!

Runa said she left her corporate job to pursue her artistic ambitions which have certainly paid off for her. She also said that her early designs weren’t all that great. But based on the gallery we’re seeing, she’s come a long way.

Runa’s artwork has become so popular that she recently published Quilling Art, a book on Amazon where she shares her techniques for creating her designs.

You can purchase all of Runa’s creations over on her Etsy shop! For more information please check out her Website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

Credit: Artist Sena Runa

h/t: My Modern Met

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