Artist Incredibly Hand-Cuts Intricate Octopus From A Single Sheet of Paper

Japanese artist Masayo Fukuda hand-cut an intricate life-sized octopus from one sheet of paper.

Yes, one sheet of paper wonderfully crafted to feature beautiful animals in ways we’ve not yet seen.

Fukuda posted the impressive piece on her Instagram account which has since garnered thousands of hearts for its whimsical design and unrivaled beauty. Cutting paper this precisely is known as “Kirie,” which means to “cut picture” in Japan.

And that’s just what Fukuda does only with sophistication and style that makes her pieces entrancing to gaze upon.

But there is evidently much more to just “cutting paper.” This sort of precision requires an enormous amount of talent, skill and concentration, something Fukuda has wonderfully mastered.

Some of Fukuda’s artwork features magnificent sea creatures carefully cut from one sheet of paper depicting elaborate details, various textures, ornate patterns, and lace trim.

To see more of her delectable designs, check out the gallery below and follow her on Instagram.

You can check out more of her incredible over on her website and Instagram. Make sure to give this a share on Facebook before you go.

h/t: My Modern Met

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