35 Incredibly Creative Packaging That Practically Sell Themselves

First impressions are everything especially with creative packaging. Chances are that the more eye-catching a products packaging is, the more it’ll spark the consumers’ interest.

Various products compete for customers each and every day, so why not get a bit out there and create some ultra-cool and unique packaging?

That’s exactly what 35 product packaging designers have done which generated some incredibly clever results. Even if they can’t make the sell, the packaging is certainly memorable.

Take a look for yourselves and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

1. Thelma’s Treats

1Via: Thelma’s Treats

2. Origami tea bags

2Via: Nathalia Ponomareva

3. Heroes Never Sleep eye masks

3Via: Behance

4. Festina Waterproof Watches

4Via: Ralf Schhroder

5. Antrepo salt and pepper shakers

5Via: Antrepo

6. Nike Air shoe…. in air

6Via: CB

7. Bzzz American Honey

Via: Back Bone Branding

8. UFO Cow Abduction Milk Bottle

Via: Imedia Creative Bureau

9. These fruity Kleenex boxes

9Via: Hiroko Sanders

10. Built-in spreader for single-serve containers

10Via: Yanko Design

11. Poilu Paintbrushes

11Via: Poilu

12. Coffee lid that holds cream and sugar

12Via: Yanko Designs

13. This rubber band box

13Via: Dave Airey

14. Spaghetti shaped like the Empire State Building

14Via: Alex Creamer

15. Note Headphones

15Via: Corrine Pant

16. Kohberg Bread

16Via: Potato Feed

17. Hanger Tea Packs

17Via: Packaging of the World

18. Sushi To-Go Box

18Via: Behance

19. Smirnoff Caipiro

19Via: JWT

20. Fit Buns High Protein Bread

20Via: Drool’d

21. This Marvel Store bag

21Via: CSS Design Awards

22. Trident Gum

22Via: Behance

23. WhiteBites Dog Snacks

23Via: Cecilia Uhr

24. Neat Pizza Fingers box will keep your fingers clean

24Via: Yanko Design

25. This mountain tissue dispenser

25Via: Good By Market

26. Ricola “Unwrap Your Voice” lozenges

26Via: If It’s Hip, It’s Here

27. City Harvest grocery bag

27Via: Dana Teil

28. Spark Laundry Detergent shaped like a washing machine

28Via: Packiii

29. Jucee Juice Boxes peel away the layers of flavor

29Via: slwshin

30. This Pistachio package

30Via: Rozenfelde

31. These clever YKM Gym Bags

31Via: World Trends

32. AMPRO wine bottle comes with two glasses

32Via: AMPRO

33. Top Paw On-the-Go food with built in bowl

33Via: The Dieline

34. Parmesan cheese pencil and sharpener 

34Via: Packii

35. This gnome bag bread holder

35Via: Lo Siento Studio

Pretty creative huh?! I mean seriously if I saw any of these things in the store I would buy it in a heart beat!

Let us know which one you liked the best and give this a share before you go.

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