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Bonaventure Cemetery: One Of The Most Hauntingly Beautiful Cemeteries In The World

Savannah, Georgia is home to one of the most beautifully haunted cemeteries in the country. Bonaventure Cemetery is a historical and popular location you’ve probably heard about in book or movie called Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

The 150-year-old cemetery, which appeared on the cover of John Berendt’s Midnight in the Garden and Evil, is widely known for the “Bird Girl” statue.

Although the statue has since been moved to a nearby museum, guests continue to visit the Bonaventure for its legendary ghost stories, elaborate tombs, headstones, and carvings.

Before it was ever a cemetery, it was an enormous plantation home owned by the well-known Josiah Tattnall, Jr.

He would through elaborate dinner parties and social functions at the property and was well liked among everyone.

Sadly the mansion caught on fire one night. People can still hear the voices of people socializing although paranormal experts say this is only a residual type haunting.

Flickr: Ann Baekken

Flickr: Tim (and Julie) Wilson

The most famous ghost of all is Gracie Watson. The “beautiful and charming little girl” who tragically died of pneumonia at age six and now haunts the statue that was carved in her honor.

Many people leave coins and trinkets but when they’re taken away, sounds of crying can be heard. Tears of blood from the statue’s eyes have also been reported.

Some experience extreme sadness in the air and sounds of a female crying when around the statue.

Little children are not the only ones who haunt the cemetery; reports of a pack of ghostly dogs are said to roam the property as well. Terrifying barks and vicious growls have also been heard chasing visitors as they roam the cemetery.

Photo: Bonaventure Historical Society, Inc.

Little Gracie

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Possible unexplained photo

To learn more about the Bonaventure Cemetery and for visitor information check out their website here.

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