One Of The World’s Most Dangerous Jobs On The Planet Is Absolutely Terrifying To Watch

If you think your job is tough, try having to climb over 1,700 feet just to start the work day. It’s one of the most dangerous jobs on Earth.

Guyed towers are commonly used for telecommunications, broadcasting, and other applications where tall, lightweight structures are needed.

The tower itself is typically made of steel or other lightweight materials and is designed to be slender and flexible. The guy wires, which are typically made of steel cables, provide additional stability to the tower by counterbalancing the lateral forces that can cause the tower to sway or topple over.

When one is in need of maintenance, these are the guys that have to make the climb to fix it. And yes… even if it’s the light bulb that needs changing.

The scariest part of the video is where OSHA rules allow for free climbing (no attachments) unless under certain conditions such as high wind. Crazy right?! If you are the least bit afraid of heights, the video at the end of this article will probably give you a heart attack.

Guyed Tower Climb

Both workers take an elevator ride up to about 1,600 feet, and from there the climb begins

Once the top is reached, he has to go on the outside to make the secondary climb

He makes the climb harness free…. only stopping at certain points to clip in and rest

Still a long way to go

Here’s the electrical box that powers the light

Barbed-looking flowers are used to attract electrical charges in the air

They then reach the base of the antenna from there it’s another 60-foot climb.

And up they go again

The two workers stand on the tiny platform to change the light

Check out the entire climb

Here’s another captured using a drone

If you thought that was crazy. Check out the terrifying “Stairway to Heaven” in Hawaii. Make sure to give this a share on Facebook before you go!

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