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Never Exit Your Car On This Creepy Road… It’s One Of The Most Haunted Places On Earth

When we think of spooky places, a road isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind. This legendary Road in New Jersey is laced with tales of brutal murders and hauntings dating back to the 1920s. The two-lane winding road stretches over seven miles and lies in the center of Warren County, New Jersey.



Alongside the road is Jenny Jump State Forest. Shades of Death Road was home to at least three brutal murders in the late 1920s and early 1930s when one man had his head caved in with a tire iron over a few gold coins. The second murder that occurred happened when a woman be-headed her husband and buried his body and head at opposite ends of the road. Finally, a local resident, Bill Cummins, was sadly shot to death and buried in a roadside mud pile. Unfortunately, the murder was never solved.

According to skeptics, the outbreak of malaria is the reason behind the spooky name of the road although residents would beg to differ. Not only have there been cases of murder, but there have also been tales of late light lynchings due to the low-hanging branches of the Jenny Jump Forest. Just when it can’t get any creepier, it’s been said that barren portions of land nearby have served as sites for human sacrifice and black magic ceremonies by mysterious hooded figures.


According to Wikipedia, “One day during the 1990s, some visitors found hundreds of Polaroid photographs scattered in woods just off the road. They took some and shared them with Weird NJ, which published a few as samples. Most of the disturbing images showed a television changing channels, others showed a woman or women, blurred and somewhat difficult to identify, lying on some sort of metal object, conscious but not smiling. Local police began an investigation after the magazine ran an item with the photos, but the remainder disappeared shortly afterwards.”

It’s been rumored that you can often times see ghostly figures standing near trees and some sort of mist rising up from Ghost Lake. With all of this paranormal activity going on, it’s no wonder that local residents are now slightly annoyed by the influx of tourists. The infamous road has become a top paranormal attraction.



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All three are said to taunt passers-by to this day



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