NASA’s New High Speed Camera Makes Rocket Tests Look Like Hollywood CGI

Woah. NASA just keeps getting better and better at all they do.

Their latest stunt includes an HDR camera designed to capture rocket propulsion.

The Orbital ATK’s QM-2 solid rocket booster test was filmed using NASA’s very own High Dynamic Range Stereo X (HiDyRS-X) camera.

For NASA, capturing rocket propulsion at this level of detail allows for widespread analysis.

What it looks like without using the new camera


Prior the HiDyRS-X’s creation, nothing quite like it  existed that was able to film rocket tests in this way. In NASA’s own words,

“The HiDyRS-X project originated from a problem that exists when trying to film rocket motor tests. Rocket motor plumes, in addition to being extremely loud, are also extremely bright, making them difficult to record without drastically cutting down the exposure settings on the camera. Doing so, however, darkens the rest of the image, obscuring other important components on the motor.”

The detail it captured is mind-blowing – and its exactly why NASA is NASA. What makes this camera exceptional is its multiple exposure capabilities (ordinary high speed cameras only shoot in one exposure).

Check it out

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