NASA Just Discovered Mysterious Bright Lights On Dwarf Planet Ceres

There happens to be some mysterious lights on the dwarf planet Ceres. The small planet is in the same classification as Pluto and hangs near the asteroid belt amid Mars and Jupiter. The finding is credited to NASA’s Dawn spacecraft mission. Taken on Feb. 19, 2015  from a distance of 29 thousand miles, the space probe captured a puzzling image in which you can see two bright spots illuminating from the surface of Ceres.

Scientists as of yet have not been able to determine what the bright “lights” actually are, however, that didn’t keep the internet and conspiracy theorists from “theorizing.”

Chris Russell who is working on the Dawn mission stated that it might only be a volcano — not the type of volcano you’re thinking of though. More to the likes of a cryovolcano. Science news tells us a KREYE-oh-vahl-cayn-oh “is an ice volcano that erupts slurries of volatile compounds such as water or methane instead of lava.”


nasa-scientists-don-t-know-what-these-two-lights-on-the-dwarf-planet-ceres-are-image-4(image source: USGS)

Whatever the lights turn out to be, the spacecraft remains too far away to snap a high resolution photo. Once the Dawn craft enters into orbit amid Ceres, a sharper image of the mysterious lights will be provided….. But we probably know what it really is……



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