Researcher Develops Biodegradable Coffins Made From Mushrooms

The burial process has come full circle as innovation evolves and offers a new alternative to the traditional burial process.

We’re no longer limited to wood and iron caskets and can now opt-in for biodegradable materials that breakdown and nourish the land surrounding a burial with nutrients.

For example, one company in the Netherlands created what’s come to be known as the Loop coffin made of mushroom mycelium that biodegrades in just 30 to 45 days.

The creator, TU Delft researcher Bob Hendrikx, woked with funeral directors to learn as much as he could about the burial process before designing the coffin made of natural materials.

The loop coffin not only assists in decomposition but it actively contributes to composting reportedly speeding up the process by up to three years. Under normal weather conditions, the earth is said to absorb the materials in just 45 days.

Biodegradable Coffin

According to Hendrikx, “The Living Cocoon enables people to become one with nature again and to enrich the soil, instead of polluting it.”

“It can typically take over a decade for a body to decompose inside a traditional coffin, depending on the conditions. The coffin itself, which is varnished and has metal fixtures, can take even longer.”

Mushroom Mycelium

Loop passed testing and arrived on the market with a batch of 10 coffins ready for use. In fact, one was used at a recent funeral service. It’s a meaningful alternative to those who wish to continue giving back to the Earth even after they depart. For more information check out Loop’s website and Facebook page!

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Photo credits: Bob Hendrikx

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