Artist Creates Beautiful Glass Portraits That Can Be Sliced Like A Loaf Of Bread

These beautiful glass works can be sliced like bread to reveal stunning mosaic portraits. With the use of colored patterns created in a glass cane, these beautiful works of art known as murrine entails a 4,000-year-old Mideast technique where colored patterns are revealed at the cross section of cut glass.

California-based artist Loren Stump is self-taught in the art of murrine and has created countless works of art throughout his 40 years of experience with the technique.

The glass is designed by layering different colors of molten glass around the core then heating and stretching it into a rod. Once the glass has cooled, the rod is sliced and the elaborate details are revealed.

The most intricate and detail-oriented challenge for Stump has been Leonardo da Vinci’s painting Virgin on the Rocks.

Stump used hundreds of glass rods to create each detail, building the portrait one fraction at a time. Each masterpiece earns him $5,000 per slice.







Loren is also the owner of Stumpchuck, a lampworking studio based in Elk Grove, California where Loren offers classes, tools, and glassworks for sale.

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