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The Terrifying History Of The Notorious Villisca Axe Murders

In the southwestern portion of Iowa is the small town of Villisca; a quiet and once peaceful town with fewer than one hundred people.

It wasn’t until June 10, 1912, that this tranquil place took a turn for tragedy and mystery that would haunt the place for years to come. It became widely known as the Villisca Axe Murders.

The murders were never solved and a dark mystery haunted the town forever. Spirits of the murdered family haunt the place they lived and died. Everything shattered for this peaceful community when eight, bloody corpses were found in the house.

It happened to be the bodies of the well-known and respected J.B. Moore family, and two of their house guests who were only children ages five to twelve.


Villisca Axe Murder House


Many people believe they were all asleep when someone entered the house, killed the parents first with repeated axe blows to their heads and then killed the children, each with one massive blow.

One day, the neighbor noticed the J.B. Moore family had been unusually quiet and decided to check in on them. When no one answered the door, she decided she’d call J.B.’s brother, Ross Moore.
After their discovery, this led to a long and complicated investigation for years to come.

News of the massacre traveled quickly around the small town. It was a magnitude event for the tight nit community. Yet, no one was ever convicted despite there being several suspects.

Since the murders took place and put the town into murder mystery frenzy, the home has had several owners who remodeled the home and opened it to overnight guests who claim it is undoubtedly haunted.


Hauntings: The house is very active with EVP sessions. Paranormal investigators claim the house is ripe with hauntings. In The Blue Room, a paranormal investigator called out the names of Lena and Ina, who were the children murdered in the house, and their flashlights would turn off and on.

Cold spots are also reported throughout the house but cannot be explained. Paranormal investigators and ghost enthusiasts from all around the Midwest have spent the night in the house and report a feeling of heaviness around the main stairwell of the house and an odd change in the appearance in the upstairs bedrooms at night.

Videos and still shots with orbs have also been captured in the house. Some say activity peeks at about 2:00 a.m. when a train passes through the town of Villisca. Many believe the sound of the train triggers activity.

Crazy paranormal activity

If you’re interested in taking a tour, or actually staying the night (if you dare) you can check out more information at their website here.

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